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    Welcome to the website of Hebei Shunzheng Machinery Parts Co., Ltd!

    Hebei Shunzheng Machinery Parts Co., Ltd.

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    China Hebei Shunzheng Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. (formerly Handan Hengfa Transmission Parts Co., Ltd. renamed Hebei Shunzheng Machinery Parts Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer of mechanical parts. With a total investment of 200 million yuan, it is located in Guangping Economic Development Zone, covering 63 mu. Its main products are belt pulleys, robot accessories, taper sleeves, coupling and other transmission parts. Its products are mainly exported to Germany, Britain, France and other European countries, with an annual export value of 18 million US dollars, accounting for more than 65% of the total output. Annual output value reached 200 million yuan.
    Our products all adopt international standards and European and American advanced industrial standards, use precise and good processing equipment, advanced and reasonable production technology, apply efficient and flexible management system, improve and improve the quality management system, to ensure that the product quality is good and the price is reasonable.
    Our factory adheres to the enterprise concept of "quality: the basis of enterprise survival, integrity: the basis of enterprise development, service: the source of enterprise development, low price: the instrument of enterprise development". We are always looking forward to the presence of customers at home and abroad, seeking win-win benefits and common cause development.
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    South District of Guangping Economic Development Zone, Handan City, Hebei Province
    Export Department:
    Manager Sun: +86-310-8556432 +86-310-5496998 +86-13931075838 +86-13373204914 Fax: +86-310-5496996 E-mail: cdj@cncdj.com
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